Ananda Wettach

Ananda Wettach

Alaska Licensed Massage Therapist



A registered Alaska LMT was born in Switzerland. She holds a Bachelor in Education; she worked for many years in the Swiss School system. Her love for Body-Mind-Spirit integration lead her to extensive travel and studies. She is an Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Movement Therapist, Massage Therapist. Ananda employs a fusion of Western kinesiology and Eastern mindfulness practices. It’s this fusion of mind, body, movement, breath and sound that she utilizes in addressing the needs of clients suffering from chronic pain, those experiencing the stresses of a demanding life, and of expecting or postpartum mothers seeking relief from the physical strain of pregnancy.


Ananda blends a Yoga and Movement Therapy background expertise with a number of therapeutic techniques from various modalities, combining:

● Deep Tissue- & Swedish Massage

● Myofascial Release

● Trigger Point Therapy

● Breath- & Sound Awareness,

● Thai Acupressure & Thai Stretches

● CranioSacral Therapy

● Lymph Drainage

● Chakra Balancing

● Abdominal Energy Detox Massage

● Ayurvedic body treatments

● Foot Reflexology


Ananda’s style is a blend of therapeutic, relaxing body work to deep slow or energetic vigorous touch customized for each client. Ananda tailors the client's specific needs and addresses any part of the body from toes to scull. Her chakra balancing treatment offers a combination of Reiki, Cranial Sacral work, Polarity & other energetic treatment forms, which can be beneficial in trauma injuries of the cranio sacral regions, there of promoting relaxation-, stress- and headache relief/ or prevention. Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy & Polarity can create deep balance, relaxation and healing.


To make an Appointment other than at Homer Inn & Spa, please call or text

Ananda at 907-756 3042 (text is best) :D



● Including Hot Steamy Towels

● Bamboo Stick Massage

● Hot Stones

● Adding specific herbal healing balms to tension spots $10

● Deep Tissue work

● Therapeutic work ● Tok Sen (wooden hammer and stick )

● Gua Sha

● Foot Reflexology


30 Minute Add Ons:

● Thai foot reflexology ( using a acupressure stick) $50 add-on

● Face, scalp, shoulder, neck & arms ( choice Gua Sha and Tok Sen) $50 add-on

● Chinese Cupping (10 to 20 minutes add on) $40

● Aroma touch (deep relaxing application of Doterra essential oils to back and feet) 45 min (only Essential oil application) $ 110 or 1 hour (including whole Body Head & Neck Acupressure stimulation) $135 Specialized 60 Minute Therapies:

● Shirodhara Treatment (pouring herbal infused warm oil over forehead in soft swinging motion, Mental Rejuvenation & Destress), offered as a package of 3 or more sessions. $450

● Udvartanam (Ayurvedic herbal scrub, highly energising, for weight loss & detoxification), offered as a package of 3 or more sessions. $450

● Steamy hot Thai Herbal Packs (Bolus bags packed with Herbs) offered as a package of 3 or more sessions. $450

● Ayurvedic Herbal Packs (fried in therapeutic oil and applied to the body), offered as a package of 3 or more sessions. $450